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Jeffrey Olenick


Jeffrey Olenick is a singer, performer, composer and arranger. He and Amy have been performing together for decades. Jeffrey also plays classical clarinet and bass clarinet and has many arrangements and original compositions to his credit

Some of Jeff's Compositions include:

Tango Symphony (Symphony #1)

Symphony #2 (Reflection) - Mvt 1

                                         Mvt 2

                                         Mvt 3

                                         Mvt 4

Renewal Symphony (Symphony #3)


For more videos by Jeffrey and Amy, see our YouTube Channel

Amy Shapiro & Jeffrey Olenick

Amy Shapiro

Amy Shapiro is a well known singer and songwriter. She is well known for her interpretations of traditional and original music and has performed around the country and the world for over 40 years. She has written many songs, including "My Friend Madison", an official song of the City of Madison, Wisconsin (Amy's hometown) and the new, revised official lyrics for Oregon's State Song, "Oregon, My Oregon".

Amy's version of "V'Ahavta (And You Shall Love)" is well known in Portland, Oregon where it has become the favorite melody in many local synagogues.